Match Making

Are you looking for new partners or clients for your project or product at home or abroad? Are you missing the necessary contacts?

Activities/services portfolio

3.Mediation of national / international business contacts

We can support you in the search for suitable partners and take care of your project from the date of the project inception to the project completion.
Due to my professional commitment, I have an extensive network of personal contacts within Germany, Europe/Eastern Europe, and the PRC, as well as Latin and South America.

These contacts include:

  • Ministries in the field of: Economy, Environment, Culture and Science Finance, Construction and Infrastructure.
  • Medium-sized and multinational companies: from automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, plant and mechanical engineering, construction industry, logistics companies to environmental technology.
  • Universities and colleges, vocational schools
  • International law firms and corporate consultancies
  • Industry and chambers of commerce
  • Professional associations

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